Colombia Secrets

We export unique Handmade products from Colombia to every where in the world, from  2008.

Our products are handmade from different communities more of them indigenous with ancestral techniques and they  use special fibers only produce in our country.

More of these gorgeous selection like  Wayuu  products, are famous in the  World Fashion, thanks to Vogue Magazine and the New York Times.

Contact information:

Colsecre CI SAS
Line: +57-318-589-5810
Skype: colombiasecrets
Col Phones:   57-318-589-5810   57-18020608
USA phones: 1-734-732-4333     1- 305-921-0224

Calle 128 # 58B-58
Bogotá DC
Colombia (S.A.)


Bogota D.C. Colombia