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Wayuu Indigenous are  a group that live in the  Desert in  Guajira Nort East from Colombia.   They  use to weave gorgeous and colorful designs to adorn their clothes and their animals. The women live weaving Mochilas all the time and the men weave the Osonuchis used like belts and Straps. They weave the Wayuu Hats now in Fashion

The Wayuu Mochilas were discovered for Vogue Magazine and  now is a new Fashion every where.  

After the Mochilas, their accessories are begining to be like complement to wear with the  Mochilas.
"One of a Kind"

 " We only sell  MASTER PIECES :  The Original Wayuu Mochilas" Unfortunately there are people in  Colombia thath are selling  Wayuu Bags copies made in machines and they sell like handmade by Wayuu Indigenous.


We certify that these designed  Wayuu Mochilas are Original   and " ONE OF A KIND"
These unique shoulder bags aren´t cheap. They are for Shops and Boutiques that want to sell exclusives articles to their clients.

We work with Twenty Wayuu Communities From La   Guajira  Colombia. 

We sell two kind of qualities:

1. Handwoven in One Single Thread

  • 1 . Handwoven inOne Single thread : It is handwoven inside and outside like a dense  and perfect material,   that means is the best quality, special for Shops and boutiques that want exclusive accessories for their clients.  The Wayuu  indigenous, hand woven these gorgeous bags, using  only one thread  weaving  inside and outside , like a dense material.
         They spend 30 days or more days , making one genuine Wayuu Mochila.

2- Handwoven in double Thread

Double Thread

  • 2. 1-  One of a Kind:  Handwoven in Double Thread or economic Mochila: It is  hand woven in a simple crochet using  two threads. It is perfect for Shops that can´t sell the best quality to their clients because of the costs.

2.2-  Butterflies Design (they can be repeated): handwoven in double Thread with beautiful butterflies thath match with the Straps

Butterflies 1

3- Unicolor Mochilas 

3.1 - Unicolor Mochilas with Osonuchi Strap

3. 2- Unicolor Mochila with Osonuchi Strap and Pompons

3.3 - Unicolor Mochilas with Double Braid Strap and pompons